The AI Alliance held discussions with the academic community regarding university scoring for DS/AI specialist training – Альянс в сфере искусственного интеллекта

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The AI Alliance held discussions with the academic community regarding university scoring for DS/AI specialist training


The AI Alliance has initiated the development of a rating scoring system for Russian universities to assess the quality of machine learning and data analysis specialist training. In a joint strategic session held on December 15 at Sberbank University, representatives from Alliance companies and prominent Russian universities discussed the methodology and key criteria for evaluating universities. The rating was initially presented at the AI Journey conference in November, supported as an essential tool for assessing the effectiveness of AI education by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The strategic session at Sberbank University featured representatives from over 20 universities, including the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University, Sirius, and Skoltech, among others. Key speakers at the session included Ilya Dementiev, Rector of Gazprom Neft Corporate University; Vladimir Averbakh, Senior Managing Director-Head of the National AI Development Department at Sberbank; and Alexander Krainov, Director for the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies at Yandex.

Criteria discussed for the rating encompassed aspects such as graduate demand from employers, university-business community collaboration, availability of scientific laboratories, applicant quality (including the number of Olympiad winners), and programs accredited by the Alliance. The rating will also consider universities’ activities in the development of school education.

The rating will group universities without assigning specific rankings, while also offering a separate comparison of AI programs in industry-oriented universities. Its purpose is to support leading universities, recognize exceptional teachers, enhance the quality of AI specialist training, and serve as a reliable source of information for prospective applicants.

Ilya Dementiev, Rector of Gazprom Neft Corporate University, emphasized, “The university rating serves the interests of educational institutions, their students, and, most importantly, applicants, who often struggle to select the most suitable machine learning program from various options. We anticipate that the rating will assist universities in evaluating their strengths and drawing attention to distinctive features of their educational programs that distinguish them in the market.”

Alexander Krainov, Director for the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, added, “Creating a rating of educational institutions based on the quality of industry specialist training without considering the opinions of university representatives would be incorrect. We aim to make the rating transparent and comprehensible to all. Hence, the Alliance and ‘Rectory’ have convened for this purpose.”

Vladimir Averbakh stated, “Artificial intelligence enhances the efficiency of any enterprise. To implement AI technologies successfully, it is crucial to train two types of specialists: data scientists with industry knowledge and industry professionals who understand how to integrate AI into business processes to achieve economic and social benefits. I am confident that the rating will be an important tool for universities to determine the most critical competencies for their graduates’ employability.”

The Alliance is devoted to enhancing the training system for DS/ML specialists. Previously, the association’s experts developed a Basic competency model in this field and regularly conduct professional and public accreditations of training programs. The university rating represents another step toward creating a transparent educational services market that meets the modern demands of businesses and applicants.

The AI Alliance brings together leading technology companies to develop their competencies collectively and accelerate the adoption of AI in education, research, and business practices. Its mission is to serve as the hub of AI development in Russia and ensure the technological leadership of the country and its Alliance companies in the global technology market.